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Date               : October 09, 2017
Subject          : Mr Raymond Lee Kok Leong
Please be advised that Mr Raymond Lee Kok Leong, Managing Director of Apple Signature Holidays Sdn Bhd, an Apple Vacations Group Company, has left the company for new opportunities elsewhere. Raymond has been involved with our western tour business since joining the company in 2013.

With immediate effect, Mr Raymond Lee is no longer authorized to transact any business on behalf of or represent Apple Signature Holidays Sdn Bhd or any Apple Vacations Group of Companies.

In the interim period, all matters and responsibilities pertaining to Apple’s Western Tour Department have been assumed by Mr Bernard Woo, and please ensure all correspondence, dealings and enquiries are directed to him as follows:

Name            :     Bernard Woo
Designation :     Chief Operating Officer
Email              :
Mobile           :     +6012-388-5319


Please extend your support to Bernard in his expanded role. Similarly, we would also like to extend our appreciation to Raymond for his contribution to our organization and in wishing him well in his pursuits outside of AVG.

We also would like to thank you for your cooperation and support to our organization and we look forward to our continuous partnership, going forward. 

Thank you.

The Management





Date               : June 18, 2016
Subject          : Fraud Alert

Apple Vacations & Conventions Sdn Bhd would like to alert members of the public to a company that is falsely using the Apple Travel name and logo. Please note that Apple Japan and Apple Tour MY is NOT a division or franchise of Apple Vacations & Conventions Sdn Bhd nor is it connected to any of the Apple Vacations & Conventions Sdn Bhd company. 

We are aware of the following details being used by them : 

Name: Apple Tour MY
Facebook account: Apple Tour MY
Address: Lowyat Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia 55100
Tel: 011-6161 8581 (WhatsApp)
Bank details: 5100-1361-6429 (MAYBANK )

Facebook account: Apple Japan Travel Agency
Address: Apple Japan, 3-39-13 Nishishinjuku, Shinjuku-KU, 160-0023 Tokyo
Tel: + 81-345-88-345 (Japan HQ) / +81-345-107-871 / + 6014-352-9246 (WhatsApp)
Email: /
Bank details: CIMB Bank 8008041244

Apple Vacations & Conventions Sdn Bhd (ROC 220677 - X & KKKP 2253) would like to reiterate that Apple Japan has no relationship in any shape or form to us and do not represent us at all. 

We are aware that Apple Japan and Apple Tour MY is conducting online sales of tour packages which requires individuals to reveal personal and banking details. We recommend that members of the public do not provide any personal details or banking details to anyone making a fraudulent attempt to obtain payments from individuals and advise that the necessary checks be conducted prior to revealing any information or making any payment. 

With regards to the unauthorised use of the Apple Travel name and logo which are registered trademarks, Apple strongly condemns this unethical behaviour and will be pursuing legal action. 

DISCLAIMER: Apple Vacations & Conventions Sdn Bhd is not responsible for any loss of data, security breaches, fraud or damage of any kind resulting from, caused or attributed portals, websites or e-mail domains which are not authorised by Apple Vacations & Conventions Sdn Bhd.


致: 公众人士、蘋果旅遊集團合作伙伴 以及 蘋果人 

具名为“蘋果旅遊 APPLE JAPAN™”的网站 与 Facebook户口名为“Apple Japan Travel Agency” 以及“Apple Tour MY”与 其提供的相关资讯如下 :

地址:Lowyat Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia 55100
联络电话:011-6161 8581 (WhatsApp)
银行号码:5100-1361-6429 (MAYBANK )

地址:Apple Japan, 3-39-13 Nishishinjuku, Shinjuku-KU, 160-0023 Tokyo
联络电话:+ 81-345-88-345 (Japan HQ) / +81-345-107-871 / + 6014-352-9246 (WhatsApp)
电邮 /

以上,与 蘋果旅遊集團(Apple Vacations Sdn.Bhd. Group of Companies) | ROC 220677 - X & KKKP 2253 (outbound) 并没有任何关系! 

一、“蘋果旅遊 APPLE JAPAN™ (”以及“Apple Tour MY” 与 蘋果旅遊集團(网址:,毫无关系。

二、“蘋果旅遊 APPLE JAPAN™”以及“Apple Tour MY”在网络上所售卖的配套,以及征收的团费,与 蘋果旅遊集團毫无瓜葛。



五、对此,蘋果旅遊集團会保留 兼 进行所有法律追究的权利。

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