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Date Days / Description Airline Twin Single Twin With Bed Taxes Itinerary
20.10.2017 Available

Important Notes:
1. All prices and itineraries are for reference only and may subject to change. Please contact our tour consultants for more information.
2. Tour price listed do not include taxes, fees and GST (Please refer to MISC Taxes Column).
3. Flight details, itinerary, hotel and meals which stated on the itinerary above are subject to change according to different departure date without prior notice. Any changes after booking, will inform accordingly.
4. The sequence of itinerary, meals and hotel arrangement are subject to the final adjustment of the local groud operator.
5. Triple room sharing will base on extra roll in bed basis.
6. We stongly recommend you to purchase travel insurance before departure.
7. To ensure the benefit of consumer, please refer to the standard terms & conditions at the back page of your invoice.
8. Acrobat Reader at least Version 9.5 or higher requiered for viewing itinerary. Get it Here.


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