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Dato' Sri Koh Yock Heng · 許育興
Group Managing Director


Dato’ Sri Koh Yock Heng (also fondly known as kohsan) is the co-founder of Apple Vacations & Conventions and a dedicated traveler with strong communication and organisational skills. He has 30 years of experience in the tourism industry under his belt, which includes extensive experience in tour guiding, both locally and internationally. His field experience includes conducting tours and working on tour operation and planning in Japan, where he spent a few years learning and understanding the market.

A consultant and expert in travel and tour agency management, kohsan has been instrumental in helping Apple Vacations form strategic partnerships with the various sectors. Under his guidance, Apple Vacations has collaborated with the airlines, bankers, hoteliers, international golfing associations and corporate leaders.

Kohsan is also a micro management expert, and has been instrumental in the success of Apple Vacations Signature packages, in particular those involving new destinations planning and marketing.

Dynamic and conscientious, kohsan continuously keeps his nose to the ground to sniff out potential growth opportunities towards developing Apple Vacations into a world-class leader in the travel business. With this he is eagerly developing Apple's regional office at Tokyo, Singapore and Jakarta, etc.

Apart from this, kohsan has keen involvement in developing food and beverage with the set up of Rokko Japanese restaurant and Capitol Cafe. This marks the start of another inspiring chapter in Apple Vacations & Conventions.

Kohsan graduated with a Bachelor of Arts in Economics from Tokyo International University.



Dato' Sri Lee Ee Hoe, JP · 李益輝
Group Executive Chairman


Dato' Sri Lee Ee Hoe, JP, is the co-founder of Apple Vacations & Conventions; the first overseas travel agency to receive the "Japan Tourism Agency Commissioner's Commendation Award" in 2013.

Dato' Sri Lee(or fondly known as leesan) is also the first recipient in the tourism industry worldwide to be bestowed the prestigious Imperial Decoration the "Order of the Rising Sun, Gold and Silver Rays" by the Emperor of Japan in 2015. This is in recognition of his longstanding contributions in the development and promotion of tourism between Japan and Malaysia, as well as his bold move to lead the first tour to Japan soon after Japan’s devastating tsunami, earthquake and radioactive leak in 2011.

Leesan is the Lifetime Overseas Advisor of the Taiwan Leisure Farming Development Association since 2009. In 2014, he was appointed as the Mie Prefecture Overseas Tourism Ambassador by Government of Mie Prefecture Japan.

Being a tourism industry veteran with more than 30 years of experience, he has shared his travel knowledge with many with his belief “This is a Journey” by being an active columnist for medias. He is an author for 2 books which were published at Hong Kong and Mainland.

As of July 2016, leesan has traveled to 100 countries, 6 continents which includes 3 times to Antarctica and 1 time to North Pole and 2 times to Trans-Siberia 9288km. He is a member of Traveler's Century Club located in California, United States.

The Malaysian tourism sector has been identified as one of the major contributors to the country’s economic growth under the Eighth Malaysia Plan and leesan has a keen interest in being involved. He is hoping to greatly expand and develop the tourism industry and his focus include the hotel industry, institutes for tourism studies, eco-tourism gardens, aviation, logistics, second home housing development, investment in the international outdoor stage performance of Impression Melaka, etc.

Leesan graduated with a Bachelor of Arts in Economics from Tokyo International University in 1996. In 2016, he was awarded the Best Alumni Award for his work and contribution.


It is no secret that Apple Vacations' success today is largely attributed to its people - the 300 Applenian across all sectors who each play their roles in a responsible, accountable manner to every Apple customer who cross our paths.

The team spirit and cohesive performance did not come naturally. Apple Vacations invests heavily in regular and hands-on training sessions to increase exposure and product knowledge. Ground staff meticulously trained in five main sectors: corporate services, after-sales service, pre-sales service, daily itinerary, and after-tour services; while tour leaders and guides are provided extensive training in tour management, crowd control, crisis management and customer service.

The perfect alignment of booking agents with experienced and well-travelled tour leaders result in a complete package that promise nothing but the best quality travel experience.


- Multi-national: Includes Chinese, Malays, Indians, Singaporeans, Filipinos, Japanese, Indonesians, etc. - Age group: 80% are aged 35 and below.

- Education level: 95% possess a diploma or higher.


How did we get our name?

Our founder, Leesan, noticed that countries with different languages still pronounce ‘apple’ in a similar way and that people know what an apple is, no matter where they go. It catches strong marketing effect. Apples are also healthy and fun, and that's what we want to offer in our tours, hence the name Apple Vacations.


Our Mission

We are sincerely ready to serve, to lead the trend, to plan and to share our travel experience. With the driven of our responsibility, creativity and challenging spirit, We will become a sustainable enterprises and also an exampler in the tourism industry. With this, we will Also fulfilled and enhance tourism culture of the travellers.


What you might know about APPLE:

- Established since 1996.
- We are the most innovative travel and tour companies in Malaysia.
- We have a staff of around 300 people, and we call ourselves Applenian.
- We are energetic and fun, but most of all we love travel!
- Our corporate colour is purple(*towards violet).
- Our Apple Vacations HQ is situated in Malaysia. Apple Vacations has also established strong branding and a regional presence in Southeast Asia with branch offices in Tokyo, Jakarta and Singapore.
- Our official website is which pulls in a daily viewership of 50,000.


BUT what you might not know about Apple Vacations:

- We are constantly developing and adding new tours every destination and every season - Thematic and In-depth tours arrangment.
- We don't engage in price slashing wars- our Apple team promotes qualit packages with affordable prices for the public.
- Our Group Inclusive Tour(GIT) are divided into specific departments to enable us to customise tours to meet every demand, and to provide the best services to our customer. This is evident with the departments we have – MICE department, Asia, West, Muslim, FIT, Wholesale, Ticketing etc.
- Our Frequent Individual Travelers(FIT) offers arrangements for customized ground services, coach, cruise packages, booking services for hotels and other accommodation, etc.
- We have been running Chartered Direct Flights to Hokkaido for seven continuous years, since December 2010. Our upcoming Chartered Direct Flight will be to Bhutan, Central Japan and Okinawa in 2017 and 2018.
- We live by the philosophy of 'Creating Unforgettable Journeys", a statement implying our confidence in being different.
- We are now developing a Customer Relationship Management(CRM) system to track and measure marketing campaigns over multiple networks. This is to decrease idle and unproductive contact with our customers.
- We focused on delivering a positive customer experience and reshaping customer expectations on travel packages. This is defined through our strategic imperatives by responding to customer feedback and insights.

The jewel in the crown is Impression Melaka, a live cinematography show that promises phenomenal world cultural performances through the use of the latest light and sound technologies and modern art concepts.

With a seating capacity of 2000, Impression Melaka is the largest performance theatre in Malaysia and the first to feature a 360-degree rotating auditorium. Created by directors of the 2008 Beijing Olympics Zhang Yi Mou, Wang Chaoge and Fan Yu, Impression Melaka is the first live Impression Series to be staged outside of China, having won the exclusive right to import the Impression Series into Malaysia amidst stiff competition from over 150 cities across the world.

It is also one of the “entry point projects” within the National Key Economic Area (NKEA) initiative for the tourism sector. The project is recognised by the China and Malaysia governments, having unveiled by China’s premier Li Keqiang, and its signing ceremony witnessed by China’s president Xi Jinping and Malaysia’s prime minister.

Targeted to be completed by the end of 2017 with an estimated GDV of 729 million, Impression Melaka shall become the new icon of Melaka that will spur the growth of tourism and related industries, such as real estate, hospitability and F&B of the state.


4th October 2013
The Malaysia-China Economic Summit
  15th May 2013   3rd September 2013   16th December 2015
The agreement signing witnessed by The President of P.R.C. Mr Xi Jin Ping and the Prime Minister of Malaysia YAB Dato Seri Mohammad Najib bin Tun Haji Abdul Razak.   A press conference on Impression Melaka was held in Beijing China, attended by the Ambassadors from the 2 countries.   “Impression Melaka” has been endorsed as NKEA Tourism Project by Malaysia Tourism and Culture Minister, Datuk Seri Mohamed Nazri Abdul Aziz .   Collaboration of Impression Melaka & Impression Liu Sanjie.


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